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Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 5)

Exhibition stand
The task of the handler is to put the dog in such a way that all its flaws are hidden. The angles of the fore and hind limbs, a flat arcuate top line should be shown. To do this, in the presence of a specialist, the owner needs to try to put the dog in a winning stance, remember this position and then repeat it every day using a specific command (for example, “stance”) and reinforcing it with a treat. The dog must memorize with his muscles (muscle memory) the position that he takes in the stance.

At first it costs only a few seconds, then it is put in the rack for 3-5 minutes. Make sure that the front legs are straight and parallel to each other, and the rear legs are placed in a small step. It is very important that the dog is standing straight, not hunched over, with his head proudly raised. Very often, a beautiful or ugly stance affects not only the place occupied by the dog at the show, but also its assessment.

You must come to the exhibition well in advance to comfortably get along with the dog, find out where your ring is and when the examination will begin. You will have time to comb the dog, and give it a little rest before the competition.

You should have a bottle of water with you and a towel for your dog.

Try to put your dog in the junior class as often as possible, and not only at major exhibitions. The dog should gain experience so that in the future it will be easier for you to speak at the most prestigious events.

puppy stand jack russell terrier

Veterinary recommendations
It is advisable to clean your ears weekly with special products from otitis media and ticks. Eyes are rubbed daily with the same special means purchased in advance at a veterinary pharmacy or pet store. Do not forget about fleas and other parasites that may appear in the puppy; special aerosols, collars or drops that are applied to the withers are used for processing.

How to give a dog medicine? What is the least disagreeable way to take medicine?
Do not open the dog’s mouth; pull the corner of your lower lip and pour the medicine from a spoon or bottle. Raise her head slightly and she will swallow the medicine. Put the ball or tablet on the tongue as deep as possible and close the jaw of the dog.

But for some dogs, taking the medicine inside is the most terrible torture man has ever devised. They tightly squeeze their mouths and refuse to open it, and if they manage to get them to open their mouth a little, they struggle to squeeze the fingers that give the medicine. Making a dog swallow liquid is difficult, especially if given in a spoon. It is better to spray with a jet from a plastic syringe. The syringe is filled with liquid, which is then carefully gently discharged into the dog’s mouth, making sure that nothing gets into the airways. Licking your nose means the medicine has slipped. Since the dog should always come on command, you should never call her for such humiliation as taking medication.

But the most reliable and, oddly enough, often the least unpleasant way of injecting drugs. Sometimes this is the only way to give medicine.

Elizabethan collar for Jack Russell
This simple device can be cut out of thick paper, cardboard, thin plywood. On the neck of the dog it is glued or stitched. He does not allow combing a sore spot and tearing off the bandage; it is used for inflammation of the ears and eyes.

When to get the first vaccinations for Jack Russell puppy?
First vaccination – from 1.5 to 2 months – Nobivac puppy DP or Nobivac DHPPi + L, REPEATED AFTER 2-3 WEEKS
The second – 2.5 – 3.5 months Nobivac DHPPi + L You can walk after vaccinations in 2-3 weeks

After a tooth change in 8 to 9 months: Nobivac DHPPi + LR should be repeated because during a tooth change, the puppy’s immunity is reduced and there is a risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Then the vaccine is given annually (Nobivac DHPPi + LR), and is repeated annually. Before vaccination, worms (for a week) should be driven away, for example with Drontal-plus (1 tablet is designed for 10 kg of the dog’s weight), giving it the puppy’s weight.

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