Dog for relaxation, beauty and more
And now it is not known how this breed occurred. Most likely, these small and cute creatures began to be called so because of the island of Mljet, which is…

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Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 2)
How to feed Jack Russell? The first week it is recommended to add HONEY to water. Feed the dog from the stand, adjusting its height as it grows. Fresh (filtered…

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How to feed puppy Jack Russell Terrier expert advice
Of course, it is most convenient to feed your pet with dry and high-quality feed, which he ate before he came to you. But, nevertheless, you can feed him what…

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Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 4)

Holding an exhibition for the Jack Russell Terrier
At exhibitions and broods, experts determine the breed, type of constitution and exterior of the dogs. Registration for the exhibition ends 1 month before the event. Registration is paid, for which it is necessary to fill out a special form (evaluation sheet), made at the central office.

Exterior – this is the appearance of the animal, which determine the breed, state of health and possible physical qualities.

At the exhibition, dogs should delight the viewer’s eye and facilitate the work of experts who have to carefully consider all the details, the proportionality of the composition, the quality and condition of the coat, the nature of the movements, the type of behavior and everything related to the exterior.

Despite the fact that only the exterior is determined at exhibitions, puppies need to be mentally prepared, as the result of the examination largely depends on how they behave in the ring.

Preparing the dog for examination should pursue the goal of bringing it to such an appearance that it most closely meets the requirements of the standard. Not the least value is the decorative factor.

A dog must have a special ring in the ring. A leash is attached to the collar, behind which the dog is led counterclockwise in the ring. Leash in the left hand, a dog at the left foot. All equipment should be light, soft and beautiful. It is advisable to exhibit in the ring (noose), categorically not in harness. Everything should be beautiful at the exhibition – the dog and its equipment, and for the audience who perceive the whole picture, the behavior of the handler or owner plays an important role.

Psychological training
Dogs at shows are in unusual conditions for them. The accumulation of a large number of people and dogs, and sometimes very loud music does not pass without a trace for them. If adult dogs living in big cities are not very impressed, then young, especially from the countryside, a sharp change in the situation can have a very strong impact, up to a temporary depression.

When going out, try to change the usual walking routes as often as possible, sometimes visiting crowded places. Of course, this must be done gradually, without making drastic changes to the normal way of life of the animal.

Teaching for dental examination is necessary, since at dog shows, the change of milk teeth and the correct bite are checked. To do this, put the puppy nearby and, supporting the lower jaw with your right hand and the upper jaw with your left, say the command “Show teeth”. At the same time, with your thumbs, carefully, without pain, spread his lips and examine the bite, and then open his mouth to examine the teeth. Encourage performance by affection.
Ring Movement
In the ring, the dog should move in steps or trot.

The leash is slightly stretched, the neck is at an angle of 45 ′ to the horizontal, the back along the smooth arc elastically falls down. The step is so wide that the hind limb is ahead of the one-sided front. The body rushes very low to the ground, so the main thrust guide is forward, not up. The dog moves freely, without visible efforts and at the same time is very effective. Of course, such movements can only be achieved with a dog with a perfect anatomical build, but many of the flaws in the anatomy can be largely compensated for by proper training.

There are several ways to learn the art of movement. The main thing is that the dog must visually, on command, look for someone or something. For example, the command: “Where is mom (dad, Sasha, Anya)?” Or: “Cat!” The main thing is that the subject of the search really interests her. The execution of the team is encouraged by the delicacy and presentation of mom (dad, Masha, Vani) or a cat. In Russia, it is customary to call a dog nicknamed family members who are outside the ring. Abroad, for these purposes, various whistles, sirens, etc. are used, the sounds of which dogs are accustomed to and to which they react as a call. This is more convenient, since you can ask a whistle to any person unfamiliar to the dog, and pulling out four family members to the exhibition is sometimes problematic. Sound signals emitting in various places around the perimeter of the ring make the puppy remain in good shape all the time. By the way, that is why often a dog is not exhibited by the owner, but by an outsider, familiar person – the dog is looking for the owner and looks great in the ring.

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