Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 3)
Twice a week give 1-2 cloves of garlic, which is finely chopped and mixed with food. Milk products. From dairy products, it is better to give kefir, fermented baked milk,…

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Yorkshire Terrier care food, wool, vaccinations, tray, etc.
There are dog breeds that require special treatment, and the Yorkshire Terrier, care for which can not be called simple, just refers to such specific cases. And if you decide…

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Yorkshire Terrier first day in a new house expert advice
Firstly, do not keep it near you, it should check everything, sniff it and examine everything. Show him everything he will use. Be sure to put a small bowl of…

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Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 1)

The place for the dog should be chosen away from heating appliances, windows, not in the aisle and not in a draft. The puppy must have its own toys made of hard rubber, an expander (ring), bones from bull veins so that it does not bite furniture, wires, etc. Be sure to remove the shoes higher so that the puppy cannot get out, lick and nibble it.

How to tame to a diaper (toilet)
From the first days, it is necessary to accustom him to do his business on a special diaper or newspaper. To do this, the first time you need to put a diaper or newspaper near the place allotted to the puppy. If the puppy made a puddle in another place, then blot them so that its smell remains and put this wet newspaper or diaper in the place of your choice for the puppy’s toilet. Watch your puppy’s behavior closely after he wakes up and after eating. Usually, before doing its business, the puppy is looking for a place, spinning, fussing. Without frightening the puppy, grab it and place it on a diaper or newspaper, preventing it from running away from it. When the puppy is in control, be sure to praise him. After some time, the puppy will get used to relieve the need for a diaper or newspaper. Gradually move the newspaper or diaper away from the puppy’s place to a place convenient for you.
Since how many months can I walk with a puppy?
You can walk after vaccinations in 2-3 weeks. First, take out the puppy for 5 – 7 minutes, gradually increasing the time of walks. Walk preferably on a leash!

How to wash a puppy?
The first time you wash your puppy is possible only after vaccination after 2 weeks (if there is such a need). Wash the dog with baby shampoo on herbs or shampoo designed specifically for puppies. Wash off the foam very carefully in the shower. Dry with a towel, then the wool is dried under a warm stream of air (hairdryer), then wrapped in a towel for 30 minutes, until completely dry. When washing, insert cotton swabs lubricated with cream or petroleum jelly into the ears so that water does not get into the ears.

How to clean Jack Russell puppy’s ears?
Ears are cleaned once a week (auricle and shallow in the ear canal 0.5 cm in depth). Moisten cotton wool in special products (for cleaning the ears of dogs in an alternating composition: from ticks and otitis media). Clean until cotton wool is clean. At the end of the procedure, wipe the ear with a dry swab.

eared jack russell terrier

What to do so as not to watery eyes?
Rinse eyes regularly with a cotton swab dipped in warm water, then wipe dry.

Hair care
Comb hair 2-3 times a week. From a young age, you need to accustom to comb your hair and perform all the procedures on the table, because in the future, when grooming and at exhibitions, the dog should be able to calmly stand on it.

How to cut claws?
The claws of the puppy and adult dog are trimmed as they grow back with nail scissors or a special nail clipper tool. In summer, as a rule, the claws grind well on hard ground, asphalt, and in winter they can grow back and break. Overgrown claws interfere with the movement of the dog, break off, the gait and paw set, posture change.

When do the teeth of the Jack Russell Terrier change?
Permanent teeth (changed after 7 months) should be brushed once a week with special toothpaste for dogs or a slice of sour apple, and if they are absent, odorless tooth powder or crushed writing chalk, avoiding the formation of yellow plaque or tartar. The second way – Once a week, it is recommended to give a bone with cartilage.

We are preparing for the exhibition
Already a small puppy must be prepared for the shows. Rack it regularly. In the ring, the dog should walk slightly in front of the owner, calmly stand in the exterior rack, allow himself to measure and show teeth. All this should be taught to the puppy in advance.

What and how to feed Jack Russell puppy
How to feed Jack Russell puppy (so that he does not eat your cat :))
At first, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the breeder, i.e. continue to feed as the puppy is accustomed to eat from the first weeks of life. It is most convenient to feed with dry quality feed that the club recommends.

Feeding and Diet
Natural feeding. The diet of the puppy (and adult dog) must contain products of animal origin in certain proportions: 75% – products of animal origin, 25% – of plant origin.

Jack Russell Terrier puppy needs to be trained to eat what he should receive, and not what he likes. Overfeeding leads not only to excessive fullness with the ensuing consequences, but also accelerates the puppy’s growth rate, which often causes problems associated with the development of the skeleton. Avoid overeating, thereby ensuring the puppy’s optimal growth rate.
Feeding regimen. Quality, quantity and time is the main thing !!!.

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