Dog name for life

How to prepare for the appearance in the house of the Yorkshire Terrier?
It’s not about building a palace for your pet, a simple soft couch is enough for him, it is desirable that it can be portable. If there is an opportunity…

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Dog for relaxation, beauty and more
And now it is not known how this breed occurred. Most likely, these small and cute creatures began to be called so because of the island of Mljet, which is…

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How To Raise Jack Russell Terrier Expert Advice
The natural mind of these dogs, on the one hand, will be bliss for you, because what kind of owner does not want his smart and beautiful dog to live…

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Why is it convenient to use the forum for dogs?

Of course, now there is a wide variety of literature telling about the methods of education, training of four-legged friends, about their nutrition and illnesses. But it often happens that she cannot give answers to all questions. Therefore, dog lovers communicate with each other and share tips and problems.

And the most convenient place for communication of many people is the Internet. So there are numerous forums about dogs.They can quickly get advice on any situation related to the pet. People share their experiences and explain many nuances that the owner himself might not have guessed about. Continue reading

Is there an allergy to Jack Russell Terrier Wool expert answer

And this is not surprising. Just look at her and the mood immediately rises. This little dog carries so much happiness and energy that everyone always causes a smile on his face.

One of the main features of the breed is that the person does not have allergies to it. Therefore, everyone can get a Jack Russell Terrier. Above all, he gets along well with children. Very active, loves to play, run and even jump. So his master will definitely not be bored. Continue reading

Chihuahua – little happiness for the family

The owner is the center of the world for a chihuahua. If another dog immediately rushes to another yard for an object that interests him, then this dog will not move one step away from its owner.

Chihuahua is a very smart companion, perfectly understanding all the wishes of his master and capturing a change in his mood. If a person is busy, the pet will not distract him, requiring attention to himself. Continue reading

Choosing nicknames for dogs

Millions of offers: nicknames for dogs for girls and nicknames for dogs for boys just blow our heads. So what should you pay attention to when choosing nicknames for bitches and giving nicknames to males?

Choosing the dog’s nicknames is quite complicated. To begin with, you should pay attention to the pedigree and breed of your pet, since complex, verbose nicknames of dogs are absolutely not suitable for ordinary curs Continue reading

If your dog is sick

The dog may need emergency medical care when there is a loss of consciousness, seizures periodically occur, it is difficult to breathe. If you already see that the dog is behaving strangely, consult a doctor immediately.

Changes in consciousness are usually accompanied by staggering, lack of reaction, as well as biting imaginary objects. Not all dog diseases and their symptoms can be recognized immediately. Continue reading

If you want to get a dog, choose a papillon
And great if your first dog will be a papillon puppy. They are wonderful, they have wonderful personality traits, and the dog will not demand special care from you. In…


Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 1)
The place for the dog should be chosen away from heating appliances, windows, not in the aisle and not in a draft. The puppy must have its own toys made…


Where did the nicknames for dogs come from?
It is rare who wondered who was the first to decide to name his four-legged friend by a public name. For example, how Polkan became a nickname for dogs of…


Chihuahua is a miniature friend
Chihuahua (Chihuahua) - a very affectionate, intelligent and faithful breed of dogs, with playfulness and lively temperament. Chihuahua can be safely called the favorite of all the girls, and a…