Dog name for life

If you want to get a dog, choose a papillon
And great if your first dog will be a papillon puppy. They are wonderful, they have wonderful personality traits, and the dog will not demand special care from you. In…

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Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 5)
Exhibition stand The task of the handler is to put the dog in such a way that all its flaws are hidden. The angles of the fore and hind limbs,…

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Why is it convenient to use the forum for dogs?
Of course, now there is a wide variety of literature telling about the methods of education, training of four-legged friends, about their nutrition and illnesses. But it often happens that…

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Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 4)

Holding an exhibition for the Jack Russell Terrier
At exhibitions and broods, experts determine the breed, type of constitution and exterior of the dogs. Registration for the exhibition ends 1 month before the event. Registration is paid, for which it is necessary to fill out a special form (evaluation sheet), made at the central office. Continue reading

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 3)

Twice a week give 1-2 cloves of garlic, which is finely chopped and mixed with food. Milk products. From dairy products, it is better to give kefir, fermented baked milk, bifidok, cottage cheese, a little cheese (slice). While the puppy is small, rub the cheese on a fine grater and give it with porridge or milk food. Cottage cheese can be given calcined and make it yourself. Boil 1 liter of milk or kefir, then pour 2 tablespoons of calcium chloride and allow to boil for 2-3 minutes until completely curdled. Continue reading

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 2)

How to feed Jack Russell?
The first week it is recommended to add HONEY to water.

Feed the dog from the stand, adjusting its height as it grows. Fresh (filtered or boiled) water in a special bowl should stand in a certain place on the stand. If the dog did not immediately eat the food, then it must be cleaned after 15-20 minutes. Continue reading

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (part 1)

The place for the dog should be chosen away from heating appliances, windows, not in the aisle and not in a draft. The puppy must have its own toys made of hard rubber, an expander (ring), bones from bull veins so that it does not bite furniture, wires, etc. Be sure to remove the shoes higher so that the puppy cannot get out, lick and nibble it. Continue reading

Yorkshire Terrier care food, wool, vaccinations, tray, etc.

There are dog breeds that require special treatment, and the Yorkshire Terrier, care for which can not be called simple, just refers to such specific cases. And if you decide to get yourself this charming dog, then you should first carefully read the rules for caring for him.

How to accustom the Yorkshire Terrier to the tray
To teach a Yorkshire Terrier puppy to order from the first days, you need to train him to do his own thing on a special diaper or newspaper. Continue reading

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How to train puppies of the Maltese lapdog?
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Features of raising puppies Chihuahua from 0 to 1 year
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